G2: How Do We Gamify Coursework?

H4Cheader_smallGamificationPlease NOTE: ALL links on this page will open in a new window.

In this task, you will develop an understanding of game mechanics that can be used in instructional settings.


1. Read the blog post EDUCATION LEVELS UP! to identify elements of game play that can be layered onto course content.

2.  Now that you have identified ‘game elements’ that can be added to an instructional setting, you should be able to see that the Quest is not a game! However, there is a great deal of interest in the motivational aspects of GAMING in the classroom, too! Let’s look at how gamification is different from gaming! Explore the following PREZI and GAMING in education! What is the difference between gaming and gamification? NOTE:You do not have to explore ALL of the links on the Prezi – find the ones that interest you!

If you have difficulty viewing, click on the link http://prezi.com/mkz8rwybapkj/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0 share and it will open the PREZI in a new window.


1. Create a report that explains two reasons teachers may want to consider using game elements/mechanics as instructional strategies. Feel free to include a personal examples – how could you use gamification in your own teaching?

You may submit your report in three ways: text, audio, or video.

  • A text report MUST be brief (200 words MAX – that’s about 4 to 5 good sentences).
  • An audio report (no longer than a minute – 30/45 seconds would be best) will be created in SOUNDCLOUD. Click here for a tutorial for how to create a SOUNDCLOUD or visit the HANDY4CLASS QUICKSTEPS.
  • A YOUTUBE video (no longer than a minute – 30/45 seconds would be best) will be created using the digital video device you can access and the video file uploaded to your YOUTUBE channel. Click here for a tutorial for how to work with YOUTUBE or visit the HANDY4CLASS QUICKSTEPS.


CLICK on the link to SAKAI to submit your artifacts and earn your GAMIFICATION BADGE!