WELCOME to the Gamified TPACK Teacher Quest!

This mission introduces you to the “gamification” of coursework – that’s a buzzword that you will be hearing in the teaching world! Gamification does not mean playing a game, but instead, using the elements of game-play to motivate students in completing learning activities AND rewarding them for their efforts! Specifically, we will use these game design elements:

1) TASKS in a mission to earn a badge;
4) and LEADERBOARDS (one that you keep to help you understand your individual progress in the game).

For example, the materials you are exploring in this mission were previously presented in a LONG email and textbook chapter to read. About 75% of the teacher candidates arrived that first day of class without reading the materials or setting up the necessary accounts!! This meant that they were already behind because we USE those accounts on the first day of class! That’s why it is sent ahead of time!!! 🙂 However, we ARE finding that by providing teacher candidates with an opportunity to earn their first reward points for their course grade before the chaos of that first week begins, they are more likely to be ready to jump in on Day 1! This is especially important since the themes in the homework game tasks are correlated to the themes of the class session each week.

SO, please complete the following tasks before coming to class on Day 1, and you will already have earned points for your course grade!!
Associated Tasks

There are TWO Tasks to earn this Badge:

  • G1: What is Gamification?
  • G2: How Do We Gamify Coursework?

Click on the link below to begin the first task.

G1: What is Gamification?