DI3: Who/What is a Digital Teacher?

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The digital teacher is one who can navigate the tools and skills needed for working and living in a digital society, and provides instruction to students in those same skills.

In order to become a digital teacher, one needs to develop TPACK!! TPACK is the acronym used to represent Technological Pedagogical And Content Knowledge, but what is that?

By completing the following activity you will be able to define TPACK and identify the three areas of teacher knowledge that you must develop and maintain to remain successful, relevant and current in your tech-enhanced teaching.


To complete this task, do the following:

1. View the following video  below. (NOTE: If you cannot view the video below, click on the link https://youtu.be/qyDU_3-AH2k and it will open in a new window.)

2. Read the article, The Three Areas of TPACK Knowledge that Build Teacher TPACK and Influence Teacher Practice,” (Figg, 2013).

3. Then, read the article, How to Create a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) to Stay Relevant in 2013. Yes, it’s a few years old, but the information is still important. Do you have a PLE? Are there tools that you use for your own learning purposes? Then, read Creating Your Own Personal Learning Environment – I prefer to call it a Professional Learning Environment because the same tools/process can be used to support a teacher’s personal interest in professionally developing their teaching knowledge!!

4. Make sure you can describe each of the three types of knowledge for your notes. Be able to describe the knowledge YOU need to learn and how you think you could acquire it!


1. Create a report in response to the video and readings. In the report, briefly describe the areas of TPACK knowledge YOU need to build to be successful at the digital teaching required for 21C students – and must be maintained through updating and lifelong learning.

  • You may submit your report in three ways: text, audio, or video.
  • A text report MUST be brief (200 words MAX – that’s about 4 to 5 good sentences).
  • An audio report (no longer than a minute – 30/45 seconds would be best) will be created in SOUNDCLOUD. Click here for a tutorial for how to create a SOUNDCLOUD or visit the HANDY4CLASS QUICKSTEPS.
  • A YOUTUBE video (no longer than a minute – 30/45 seconds would be best) will be created using the digital video device you can access and the video file uploaded to your YOUTUBE channel. Click here for a tutorial for how to work with YOUTUBE or visit the HANDY4CLASS QUICKSTEPS.


CLICK on this link to SAKAI submit your artifacts and earn your DIGITAL IDENTITY BADGE!