This mission introduces you to your digital footprint! WHY do you need a digital footprint? It’s very important for a teacher to display a professional digital footprint – you will have one no matter how hard you try, so in this course, you will learn about strategies for making your digital footprint a positive and professional presence on the web!

SO, please complete the following tasks before coming to class on Day 1, and you will already have earned points for your course grade!!

Awarded for demonstrated understanding of the rights and responsibilities for learning and working in our digital society

Players must complete a series of tasks that explore Digital Footprints, issues around Netiquette, Cybersafety, and Copyright, and explore the Web 2.0 tools that lead to skills of effective Web 2.0 thinkers.

Associated Tasks

Complete all of the following Tasks to earn this Badge:

  • DI1: What is YOUR Digital Identity?
  • DI2: Digital Tools to Build YOUR Digital Identity
  • DI3: Who/What is a Digital Teacher?

Click the link below to start the tasks!

DI1: What is YOUR Digital Identity?