TPACK Teacher Quest 2015

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Take the challenge and join the quest to build your own TPACK (Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge) and become a member of the Professional Order of the TPACK Teacher! You will learn practical, time-tested, cutting-edge, and research-based teaching strategies, methods, and techniques for successful tech-enhanced teaching through the gamification of these topics!

BEGIN YOUR QUEST by completing the following TWO tasks – before your classes begin!


Digital ID badge



You enter your vehicle after your first day of Teacher Education. You find an unusual gadget in your car glove box. Upon opening it, a small LCD display flickers twice, and the device springs to life. You watch as the following video begins to play . . .

Tactical Tip: Turn up your volume, click to begin playing the video and select the FULL SCREEN option for optimal viewing.

You realize that you have been invited to join a special adventure – entering the world of the TPACK Teacher! Please read The Gamified TPACK Teacher Quest Manifesto below so you understand exactly what it is you are getting yourself into!

Tactical Tip: You can read the Manifesto by downloading your own copy from below!

TPACK Teacher Quest manifesto 2015-16

You are now ready to begin!! Each week, you will be presented with a mission, or series of tasks, to complete in order to earn a badge. The mission tasks are related to themes and topics presented during the class sessions of the course. Here’s how to ‘complete the quest’ and earn your badges:

1) Download and print TPACK Teacher Game Tracker 2015-2016 below. Use the TRACKER to mark off the weekly badges as completed.

TPACK Quest Tracker Sheet 2015-16

2) Click on the links above to see the Badge tasks. Start with the CUP OF WISDOM badges –  GAMIFICATION badge first!

3) The Professor is your guide through the game and will provide you with game hints each week (posted in the weekly modules as homework)! These hints will guide you through successful completion of the Quest!! Good luck!