Handy4class presents:
The Gamified TPACK Teacher Quest: Building Teacher Knowledge for Teaching Tech-Enhanced Lessons
The Gamified TPACK Teacher Quest uses game mechanics to engage players in learning activities that develop Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) - or, how to teach technology enhanced lessons successfully! Players complete a series of tasks in which they learn about practical, time-tested and research-based methods, techniques, and strategies for implementing successful tech-enhanced lessons. At the same time, players earn badges and grade points by completing these tasks!!From lesson planning to types of tech-enhanced activities that support content learning, from Web 2.0 tools to social media, and from using the Internet responsibly to how to use multimedia in the digital classroom, the game provides a broad and well-rounded presentation of knowledge that makes teaching tech-enhanced lesson rewarding!

You enter your vehicle after your first day of Teacher Education. You find an unusual gadget in your car glove box. Upon opening it, a small LCD display flickers twice, and the device springs to life. You watch as the following video begins to play . . .

Tactical Tip: Turn up your volume, click to begin playing the video and select the FULL SCREEN option for optimal viewing.

The Story

You realize that you have been invited to join a special world - the world of the TPACK Teacher! Please read The Gamified TPACK Teacher Quest The TPACK Teacher Game Manifesto so you understand exactly what it is you are getting yourself into!

You are now ready to begin!! The Professor will provide you with game hints each week (posted on the Handy4class web site each week as homework)! These hints will guide you through successful completion of the Quest!! Good luck!

The Tasks

Players are presented with a Badge Mission each week. These tasks include reading or viewing background information, playing online games, using Web 2.0 tools, taking quizzes, creating projects, and learning new skills - NOT your typical textbook!

The Rewards

While completing a set of 17 challenges, players earn Achievement Badges for successfully completing various tasks. The badges are available in the Assignments tab, and you will add them to your Digital Portfolio to share with the world! :-)