Surveys & Polls

What is a Survey or a Poll?

A survey (or poll) is an instrument for gathering a data or opinions. Questions are composed and sent to respondents who then complete the questions. The use of “real” data, collected by students, adds interest and relevance to instruction, as well as provides insights into the student’s world. A database (see sample: My Favorite Things) or a spreadsheet can be used as the collection device.

  • Check out this poll: If You. . .
    Students read five books by Laura Numeroff and then voted on their favorites. Student votes are entered into an Excel workbook and results are charted.
  • Check out this survey: Pets Galore. . .
    Students collect information from their classmates about the kinds of pets they have at home. Information is entered into the Excel workbook and chart the data. This makes a great pictograph? Do you know how to create a pictograph?

How To Create Your Own Surveys/Polls

Online tools now make adding polls and mini-surveys to your classroom instruction a snap! Take a look at these:

Plus, many of these polls/mini-surveys can be created and then embedded into your web page, wiki, or blog!


Take a moment to view the Socrative video below, then visit to set up your own Socrative quiz.

You may wish to view other Socrative tutorials on the Socrative YouTube channel!

Poll Everywhere:

Check out the video overview for Poll Everywhere below, or read through the workshop presented by Dr. Diane Collier, Brock University!

THEN go to to set up your own poll. You may want to view the video below to help you set up your Poll Everywhere poll.

How to Create Polls Using Poll Everywhere from Poll Everywhere on Vimeo.


You will find directions at PollDaddy support for creating a poll, or you can watch the following video:


Check out this TopHat demonstration video:

Go to if the video does not play.

Best Practices for Using Surveys/Polls during Teaching

Five Ways to Use Online Surveys in the Classroom from Edudemic

 81 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classrooms from Tech Niche (Google Forms is another GREAT survey/polling tool!)

Teacher Guide to Surveys from Teach-nology

Using Polling and Smartphones to Keep Students Engaged, by John Orlando of Faculty Focus

The Teacher’s Guide to Polling in the Classroom, from Edudemic