QR Code Quest

What is a QR Code Quest?

A QR Code Quest is an activity in which students use QR Codes to access Internet resources or data files, rather than Internet links. Teachers are using the QR Codes to build scavenger hunts, provide links to YouTube videos with information and problem solutions or support, and perform guided searches.

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Terrence O’Brien explains that a QR Code is a “a barcode on steroids” because the icon encodes information “both horizontally andvertically in a grid of tiny squares” which “allows for much more data to be encoded in a smaller space.” Students use a QR Code Reader to scan the icon which launches Internet web sites, videos, or downloads specified files. Although QR Code Readers are readily available, students do need to acquire a QR Code Reader App for mobile devices or software for their computers before they can use the QR Codes.

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Teachers use a variety of QR Code creation tools to create print documents that can be scanned by a mobile device camera or the web cam of a laptop/desktop computer. Use the following video to learn how to use Google URL Shortener to easily create QR Codes:

How to Make a QR Code Using Google by Chris Smith, shamblesguru

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