SWEET PREZI: Introducing A Delicious Presentation

To create a PREZI, follow the SWEETS process:

S = Set Up Canvas
W = Word Art
E = Enhance with Images & Hyperlinks
E = Engage with Video (and Audio AND animation!)
T = Transitions
S = Share

Here are the details:

Use this tutorial to build your first SWEET PREZI! You will need the following images:

ADDING IMAGES: Save two or three of the following images down to your desktop where you can locate them. Do this by hovering your mouse over the image, then right-clicking the mouse and selecting SAVE IMAGE AS.

Copyright free images from: and ClipArt Guide
There are many outstanding resources online for creating PREZIs! The PREZI support team has quality tutorials to help you learn how to use all of the features of PREZI.

7 Outstanding Example Presentations using Prezi:

Controlling Your Transitions:

How To Use Prezi: