What is an Infographic?

The Wikipedia describes an infographic as a “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.” Synthsizing information to the main ideas and representing that visually so that the information is clearly understood is an art, and a great learning object teachers create for their students OR have their students create to express their knowledge!

The following video provides an excellent introduction to how infographics have become an excellent teaching tool!

infographics from on Vimeo.

And, Kathy Shrock has developed a great resource page for teaching with infographics!

Tools for Creating Infographics (online free tool)

Photoshop Elements (an OSAPAC software faculty members can use!)

Rob Dunlop, DSBN, has created an excellent TechSlam about using Photoshop Elements for creating infographics: The Photoshop TechSlam

Piktochart (another free online tool)

How To Create Your Own Infographic with Piktochart

Best Practices for Using Infographics in the Classroom