Curating the Internet

What is curation?

Simply put, curation is the act of collecting and sorting resources. However, in 21st century learning and teaching, curation refers to the use of curation tools to collect and sort digital resources for archival and instructional purposes! Pinterest is another curation tool highlighted on another techslam! View the video below for more information on what curation IS and IS NOT!!

Tools for Curating the Web is a curation tool that pulls articles from your social media accounts (such as Twitter & Facebook) and publishes that information in a newsletter you create and curate! The newsletter is shared and updated daily! is a curation tool that allows you to collect resources (such as videos and blog articles you find online) and maintain a visual resource collection around topics. This is different from Pinterest, which only allows you to capture the visual image!

Enjoy this video to learn more:


Storify is a curation tool that gathers posts, tweets, and other social media contributions from “from the best storytellers online, including journalists, bloggers, editors and people like you” (Storify web site) and create a story out of it! Using the curation tool, you can select just the information you want to present and display it in several formats, with slideshow being one of them so it really looks like a story! Check out the Storify Tour for more information.