What is an Animoto?

Animoto is a simple-to-use video building tool that creates 30-second videos out of images, video, and music – all for free! (Yes, paid subscriptions will give you more time and capabilities, but for teachers, free is nice! And, teachers can apply for a free account with more capabilities!) Teachers can create 30-second videos in almost 30 seconds as well!! Determining a purpose for the video, then planning the story to be told in the video, and collecting the images, video clips, and audio that you plan to use in the video is what takes the time! Watch the following video from Animoto for a more in-depth video!

Teachers are using these 30 second clips to introduce units, activities, explain short topics, or create mini-commercials for instructional purposes. Students are using these videos to synthesize understanding into short expressive videos! You can read more about this at the Animoto Wiki from TeachWeb2.

Animoto Tutorials

Download the easy Getting Started with Animoto tutorial. You will also need the following images and video for your first practice Animoto!

You can download the video at (Click on the link and look for the DOWNLOAD link.)

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Classroom Uses