Digital Storytelling Activity Types


Getting "Handy" in the classroom with technology integration!

Digital Storytelling Activity Types

Digital stories take many forms and can be used across the curriculum and across grade levels to develop writing skills. Students practice writing without even knowing it because they focus on the technology. Check out the following videos that walk through each of the categories of digital stories that are appropriate to use as instruction and as possible student-created projects.

Digital Storytelling (Each video is no longer than 10 minutes, but if you have difficulty downloading the file, click here for the PowerPoint eBook version!)

Specific activities from the categories above that teach digital literacy skills while teaching writing skills include the following:

Activity Types
Digital Collections
Alphabet Stories
Place Stories
Digital Story Starters
Conceptual Dictionaries
Slice of life Stories
VIP or Digital Biographies
Oral Histories
ePhoto Albums
Predictable Stories
How To Stories
Experimental Stories
Differing View Point Stories
Time Lapse Stories
Interactive Stories
iAdventure Stories
I Spy Stories
Cumulative Stories
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